Deciphering Codes Graphics Questions

Deciphering Label Codes

Did You Know? Manufacturers of medical device must inform us of all the important information on the safe and effective use of each of their products. This information must be placed on the label in order to inform the user of any precautions.  Manufacturers use internationally recognized graphic symbols, pictograms or icons to communicate that […]

Taming the Wild, Wild West Cowboy

Taming the Wild, Wild West of Reprocessing

Did you know? When I began my career in surgical services and sterile processing a few decades ago, things sure were much simpler. Those were “the good old days”. Back then, reprocessing of reusable medical devices was a lot less complicated. We did not have all the regulations, standards and recommended practice we have today.  […]

Single Use Devices

Did You Know… Devices intended by the manufacturer to be used on one patient during one procedure are called Single-Use Devices (SUDs).  A device labeling may or may not identify the device as single-use or disposable; however, if there are no manufacturer instructions for reprocessing, the device should be considered a SUD.1   The reprocessing SUDs […]

The Latest Amendments to AAMI ST79

Did you know… AAMI’s ST79, Comprehensive Guide to steam sterilization and sterility assurance in health care facilities, is under a continuous maintenance process in order to keep this document current? In 2008 and 2009, numerous amendments of the 2006 document were adopted.  These amendments addressed such topics as toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS), paper−plastic pouches, […]

Latex Allergies

Did you know…Latex is found in many products in our homes as well as in health care. Latex is the milky fluid derived from the rubber tree. The first use of latex surgical gloves was in the late 1800’s by Dr. William Halstead, a well know surgeon. Latex has been used in countless medical devices […]