Why Bioseal?

Bioseal delivers custom packaging and sterilization services for single use items in sterile hospital environments. Our mission is to assist SPD and OR managers meet the challanging demands of regulating agencies, hospital budgets and surgical staff.

We are experts in sterilization, FDA, and Joint Commission Compliance and we service a variety of hospitals in the domestic and international markets.

  • Is your Sterile Processing team under pressure to be more efficient and cost effective?
  • Do you need help providing documents for validating sterility as required by JCAHO guidelines?
  • Are you interested in reducing the time, cost and risk associated with in house packaging and sterilizing?
  • Does the thought of delegating responsibility and risk associated with validating sterility to an FDA regulated company sound good?

Bioseal carries over 1500 standard products; however, our specialty is customizing products.

  • We work directly with you to find hard to source and unusual items.
  • We package and sterilize your items.
  • We support small run custom packages specifically designed to fulfill your hospital’s needs.

We are a Class I Medical Device Manufacturer and although a manufacture’s guideline for sterilization does not exist for products such as, spoons, suction canisters, and tubing, Bioseal provides validation documentation.

Let Bioseal source, cut, and package, sterilize and validate everything for you today!