ESSENTIA® Surgical Towel Packs

Bioseal’s ESSENTIA® Surgical Towels are sterile, soft and smooth, single use, latex free and has an 99% less lint and highly absorbent compared to traditional cotton towels and other non-woven towels. These also help reduce potential OR contamination and surgical site infections.


These towels can also be used in various needs such as mayo and OR back table stands which would sit flat with no over lapping edges.

  • Low lint
  • Sized right
  • Grab Tab
  • Consistent fold/clean
  • Reduces total lint in OR
  • Lightweight
  • Low Cost
  • Excellent Fluid Capacity
  • Soft and Drapeable, yet Strong
  • Meet various needs in the OR

  • what the experts say

    “… it would be prudent for perioperative nurses to consider methods to reduce the levels of airborne particulates that may serve as vectors to increase the transport of microbes in the OR environment.”

    ​“Airborne Particulates in the OR Environment” – AORN Journal by C. Edmiston – June 1999

    Lint Comparison – Wet Filtrate Method
    By comparison to traditional woven towels, ESSENTIA® ultra low lint towels
    shows how the particulate is easily removed in this demonstration below.

    Woven Cotton Towel

    ESSENTIA® Ultra Low Lint Towel

    50x Magnification of Filter Surface

    Industry Fact
    Bacteria being transported on lint particles

    “Lint particles are disseminated into the environment where bacteria can attach to them. This bacteria carrying lint may settle in surgical sites and wounds with the resultant increase in postoperative patient complications.”

    AORN 2008 Standards, Recommended Practices

    Lint Generation & Fluid Capacity Comparison

    Lint Generation

    Fluid Capacity

    Compared to traditional cotton towels and other nonwoven towels, the ESSENTIA® ultra low
    lint towel generates extremely low levels of particulate while still being highly absorbent.


    Peel Pouch
    4/pk, 20/pk/cs
    Single Use Only


    CSR Wrap in Peel Pouch
    4/pk, 20/pk/cs
    Single Use Only

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