Sterilizing Single Use Items Really Doesn’t Pay!

Neuro Suction Tubes

Custom Neuro Suction Tubing

Think about how many people have to touch a single use item before it’s put into use:

1. Items purchased by material management
2. Receiving processes shipment upon delivery
3. Items transported to sterile processing
4. Sterile tech pouches items and sterilizes
5. Sends items to the Operating Room for use

We can help eliminate these costly steps!

The items to the right are few examples of what we’ve done for customers. We’d love to send you a sample pack of items to see for yourself!  This may also jump start ideas for items you’re currently sterilizing.


Metal Spoon

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send out your sample pack right away. Review the samples when they arrive and then send us back any sample items you’d like us to sterilize with the enclosed prepaid label.

We’ll get them back to you promptly so you can see the quality firsthand!

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The Bioseal Team