SPD Specialty Kits

Bioseal offers a variety of specialty kits created for Sterile Processing Departments specific needs and desire to avoid contamination and costly labor.

Sigmoidoscope Kit

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Here are a couple of our most popular and time saving kits:

Sigmiodoscope Kit

Includes: Welch Allen Disposable Scope, Bulb and Bladder and Suction (if needed).


  • No need to clean bulb and bladder
  • Cost savings in time to reprocess and expensive replacement filter
  • Cost of new bulb and bladder comparable to our entire kit!

Chest Tube Insertion Tray


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Includes: Connector 5 In 1, Gauze Sponge 4X4 8 Ply,Header Bag 10″ X 15″, Instrument Pack Pouch, Kelly Forceps Curved 5 1/2″,Label Blank Case 3 3/4 X 8, Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Str.7, Metzenbaum Scissors 5 1/2″ Str, Needle 18g x 1″, Needle 25g X 1.5″, O.R Scissors 5 1/2″ Str. S/B, Rochester Pean Curved 8″, Chest Insertion Tray, Safety Scalpel Disposable #11, Syringe 10cc Luer-Lok, Towel O.R. Blue, Tray 9″ X 5″ X 2″, Wrap Paper 23″ X 24 and Xeroform Dressing 5X9.




CJD Disposable Instrument Set

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Includes: Mayo Scissors Straight 6 3/4″, Metzenbaum Scissors Curved, Mosquito Fcps Cvd Fine Points, Bipolar Bayonet Forceps 7 1/4″, Gigli Saw Handles, Standard 2″, Gigli Saw Twisted Wire Type, Freer Elevator DoubleEnd Satin, Frazier Suction Tube 10Fr 7.5, Frazier Suction Tube 12Fr 7.5″, Foerster Forceps 9 1/2″, Jansen Ear Forceps Serrated, Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 6″, Hudson Brace W/Standard Thumb, Hudson Bur, 16mm Diameter




Additional instruments may be added to any of these sets to meet the specific needs of the surgeon, patient and their procedure.

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