Bioseal is a leading provider of specialty sterilization services and custom packaging. We assist sourcing unique, single-use items and create time saving, procedure-specific kits. Bioseal helps find solutions that other companies won’t! Learn more about making us Your Sterile Processing Partner!

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    Bioseal offers a comprehensive specialty service for disposable medical devices by sourcing, sterilizing and delivering finished product direct to our customers. Learn More

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    Bioseal's services are backed by over 25 years of industry knowledge and experience. We understand our customer's environment and work hard to deliver time-saving solutions.Read More

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  • Ugh! What’s Causing these Wet Packs?

    Wet packs are a concern because the moisture on or within a package can create a pathway for microorganisms to migrate from the outside to the inside of a package.1  A package is considered a wet pack if moisture in the form of dampness, droplets, or puddles of water are left in or on a […]

  • The Chain of Infection Transmission

      Understanding the chain of infection can help healthcare professionals develop and implement policies and procedures aimed at reducing the risk of infection transmission.  Properly performing cleaning and decontamination in healthcare facilities is essential in the prevention of transmission of diseases from one person to another.     Healthcare-care-associated infections or HAIs (formally termed nosocomial infection) […]

  • Success-It’s Your Choice

    Success is simply the favorable outcome of something attempted. You can choose to be successful at what you want to accomplish. The secret is to want it bad enough to be willing to earn it. Undoubtedly, certification in your profession can help you succeed and grow professionally. The first step to achieving success, such as certification, is […]