Bioseal is a leading provider of specialty sterilization services and custom packaging. We assist sourcing unique, single-use items and create time saving, procedure-specific kits. Bioseal helps find solutions that other companies won’t! Learn more about making us Your Sterile Processing Partner!

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    Bioseal offers a comprehensive specialty service for disposable medical devices by sourcing, sterilizing and delivering finished product direct to our customers. Learn More

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  • Need Approval for a New Products or Technology? Multidisciplinary Risk Assessments Help Facilitate the Process

    Safe patient care is the most important issue to healthcare professionals. New products and new technology for the healthcare field are continuously being created.  Most new products are designed to improve patient or employee safety. However, given potentially significant benefits, adoption of new products or ideas often runs into obstacles, especially when it comes to getting […]

  • Sterilization or Disinfection? It’s time to Modernize the Spaulding Classification System!

    In 1968, Dr. Earle Spaulding classified medical devices into three categories based on device usage and body contact.  What we currently know as the Spaulding system, classifies devices as critical (presenting a high risk), semi-critical and non-critical (presenting a low risk) depending on the infection risk involved. The system also classifies the appropriate level of […]

  • Newly Updated ANSI/AAMI ST79:2017 is now available

    ANSI/AAMI ST79, The comprehensive guide to steam sterilization and sterility assurance in healthcare facilities is known in the sterile processing profession as the bible for reprocessing guidelines. There have been no updates or amendments since 2003, until now. This comprehensive update to ST79 has major revisions, that includes a user-friendly reorganization of content, ST79 is […]