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  • Don’t Process What You Can’t Clean

    It has been proven repeatedly that if an item is not properly cleaned it cannot be effectively reprocessed.  Healthcare professionals know, “If it isn’t clean it can’t be sterilized or high-level disinfected”.  The first and most important step in reprocessing reusable medical devices is thorough cleaning and rinsing. So how is cleaning defined? Let’s look […]

  • Wait! Should We Really Be Processing These? A Closer Look at Properly Processing Put-Ups

    Any prudent sterile processing professional knows you must follow the manufacturers’ validated instructions for use (IFU) in order to verify that items can be effectively sterilized.  Manufacturers have very strict rules and regulations that they must follow in order to get approval and clearance to take their products to market. As a sterile processing consultant, […]

  • Sterilization or Disinfection? It’s time to Modernize the Spaulding Classification System!

    In 1968, Dr. Earle Spaulding classified medical devices into three categories based on device usage and body contact.  What we currently know as the Spaulding system, classifies devices as critical (presenting a high risk), semi-critical and non-critical (presenting a low risk) depending on the infection risk involved. The system also classifies the appropriate level of […]