Duraholder® Instrument Protection System

Duraholder® Instrument Protection System

Our Duraholder® instrument pouch was designed to assist SPD personnel in three significant ways:

  1. Protect - Every year, SPD budgets are stretched to cover the cost of instrument repair and replacements. Duraholder® offers a proven method of protecting delicate instruments.
  2. Organize - On average, it costs up to $30 for every minute spent in the OR. Disorganized instrument sets can add to the already expensive minutes, costing hospitals thousands of dollars. Duraholder® is a proven method of saving set-up time.
  3. Comply - The AAMI guideline ST79 states that "paper-plastic pouches are not appropriate for use within wrapped sets or containment devices." Made from Halyard Health Kimguard*, a breathable, non-woven material, Duraholder® has been validated to comply with the AAMI standards.

Bioseal collaborated with a leading university hospital in the development of this product to prevent costly instrument damage, save valuable operating room time by organizing your sets and maintain AAMI compliance (See AAMI GuidelineST-79). Duraholder® is available in three grades of Halyard Health* wrap fabric and in over 100 styles designed to meet the needs of various applications. This unique pouch is designed to organize and protect surgical instruments during the sterilization cycle. It can be run in standard steam or ETO cycles.

Take a look at our most popular configurations below and see why our Duraholder® Products have become a customer favorite! 

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