History and Mission

Bioseal was founded by hospital people to serve the needs of hospital people. Going back to 1988, our founder Bill Runion spotted the inefficiencies in many Central Sterile Departments manually sterilized and preparing odd items for the Operating Room. Relaying on his knowledge of these departments working as a Sterile Processing Manager and the regulatory environment, he created the initial concept for the company offerings many of which are still in use today. The "Bioseal" name was created to signify the advantages of our unique variety of products provided in sterilized, individual packages.

Today, as our operations and reach has evolved, Bioseal's mission is to assist Healthcare providers lower costs and reduce patient risk. We are driven to assist Sterile Processing Departments and Operating Rooms in meeting the dynamic needs of their patients. We listen to our customers and built quality into each product with many of our best selling products a result of direct customer input. Overall, this combination of innovation and focus enables us to assist healthcare providers reduce labor and provide the highest level of service for internal teams.

Please let us know how to put our expertise to work for you!