Bill Runion Founder and President  

Bill Runion founded Bioseal in 1988 upon recognizing the opportunity to better serve the ever-changing needs in the healthcare industry. Mr. Runion’s career began at Anaheim Memorial Hospital in the summer of 1976, straight out of high school. He pushed wheelchairs and managed supplies. He held nursing responsibilities as well, including male shave prep and catheter care (fortunately for him, the nursing staff took on the latter duties and he continued with supply management). He soon found his way to the Sterile Processing Department and was quickly promoted to Technical Director of Central Supply & Sterile Processing. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, he transferred his working knowledge of central supply and sterile processing to the business side of things and became the General Manager for Stan Pak, a hospital supply company. At Stan Pak, Mr. Runion learned how to sell products to hospitals and gained valuable knowledge of how to work as an FDA registered device manufacturing company. As a result of his hard work and determination, he was promoted to President and served on the Board of Directors for their parent company, Home Med Services. After Home Med Services, Bill founded Bioseal in 1988. Bioseal began as an idea shared one evening over a card table and has evolved into a multi-million dollar company that continues to grow and serves hospitals around the globe.