Binasal Airway

The Bioseal Binasal AirwayTM consists of two nasal airways joined together by an adaptor for attachment to the breathing system. These silicone nasopharyngeal prongs are easy to insert and remove and stay securely in place. Available in different lengths and diameters—preemie sizes also available—the Bioseal Binasal AirwayTM can help reduceBinasal Airway-Catalog Numbers trauma to septum and nares.


For over 15 years, Bioseal has been a manufacturing partner of Neotech, supplier of the Binasal Airway, and we are happy to announce that Bioseal will be the new source for this standard product in your Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-NICU.  In our combined effort with Neotech to make this a smooth transition, this products will have the same part numbers. Same quality, same packaging, new brand. We would like to thank you for your letting us be part of making a difference in your NICU with the Binasal Airway.