SPD Put-Ups


SLIDE3Bioseal offers a unique specialty sterilization service for disposable medical devices. We source and customize raw materials to deliver a finished product that meets customer specifications.We know every hospital is different which is why we cater to unique applications. We can run and assess the risk of your component, review the intended use of your device, and determine which sterilization method and packaging best suits your specific requirements.

Sterile Processing departments value the Bioseal specialty sterilization service because we:

  • Comply with regulatory and accreditation standards.
  • Save time by procuring hard-to-find components and difficult-to-sterilize items.
  • Save cost by transferring the burden of device validation to Bioseal.

Please contact your Bioseal representative so we can begin working together today to improve the delivery of sterilized medical products to your patients. Or fill out a sample request here!

We offer everyday items like Cotton Tipped Applicators, Cotton Balls, Rolls and Squares, Rubber Bands and Safety Pins.

We also respond to customer’s special requests and have validated Petri Dishs, Protco Swabs, Golf Pencils, Zig Zag Cigarette Paper, Ziploc® Bags, Emesis Basins, Knee Props, Tile, Test Tubes, Tubing, Elastic Bands, Cotton Tip Applicators, Trach Tape and Tourniquets.

Specialty Items Currently In Production