Umbilical Cath Tray - UCT001

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Product Overview

Bioseal's Umbilical Cath Tray is used in neonatal care for arterial sampling. It allows blood to be taken from an infant at different times and can also be used to continuously monitor a baby's blood pressure.

UOM 20 Trays/Cs
Sterile/Non-Sterile Sterile
Latex/Latex-free Latex Free
Kit Components   2ea O.R Towel Blue
10ea Gauze Sponge 4” x 4” 8 Ply
 1ea  Eye Dressing Forceps Full Curved Serrated 4”  
 1ea Adson Tissue Forceps Fine Point Extra Delicate 4 ¾”
 1ea Rochester Carmalt Forceps Straight 6 ¼”  
 1ea Webster Needle Holder 5”
 1ea Baby Crile Forceps Curved Extra Delicate Satin 5 ½”  
 1ea  Mosquito Forceps Curved Fine Point 5”
 1ea Knapp Iris Scissors Straight Sharp/Blunt 4”  
 1ea O.R Scissors Straight Sharp/Blunt 5 ½”
Instrument Type Umbilical Cath Tray
Disposable/ Single use Disposable /single use 
Department Neonatal